Just A Cat Enjoying The Sun

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This cat has been around for few years now and after weeks of feeding her and three more adult cats every day, this is the first time ever I managed to pet her or any other cat that lives in my and my neighbors backyards! We all feed them occasionaly, but I was dedicated to approach them for some cuddles. I love animals so this makes me very happy! :) Patience pays off! They usually run away if someone gets close to them, they never allow any human to pet them. As you can probably tell, this one is going to have babies soon. She only allowed me to pet her back, along the spine, when I touch her belly she turns over to the other side right away. I was still very careful as cats are fast and I had no idea what her reaction would be, especially because she is pregnant. I could see that after food she just wanted to enjoy the sun and sleep, so I let her do that. :)

This is my first video on 3speak, it's very short and poor quality but I was just too excited not to share this and it's also a test of this platform so I can get the idea how it works.

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She looks very comfortable in that position. :D

Haha, yes, I was just petting her again and she's in the same position, maybe it's because of her big belly. 😂

That cat seems to have all she needs form life! :D

I have enjoyed watching the pet

Thank you! :)