Coloring Eggs For Easter (Traditional Way)

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Hello guys! For most of you, Easter is probably over but here, in Serbia, most people are Serbian Orthodox which means we celebrate holidays a little different as our church is using a different calendar. So today is Good Friday and Easter is on Sunday, 19 April.

Me and my family color a lot of eggs for Easter so my sister in law and niece did around 35 and me and my mom around 50. My mom always does the red ones first as we keep one red egg as a "house keeper" and we also had some purple color from last year so we did only 5 red and 5 purple. I love doing it traditional, natural way as it's fun and definitely healthier. All of the eggs are also from our own chickens so that's a big plus. I tried to film a little bit of the process so you can see how it's done.

All you need is some pretty grass/leaves, tights, thread and onion skins. We would usually add some onion skins from purple onions as they give the eggs deeper color but we didn't have any. However, I still like how it turned out and I'm really looking forward to Sunday! :) Final step when the eggs are done and not super hot is taking a small cloth and some oil and rub the eggs to give them shiny look.

I hope you enjoyed this video and idea, in case you were not familiar with it. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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Nice!!! I actually paint eggs every year but not for Easter.
In Persian culture we color them for the new years which happen on the first day of spring. :)

Wow, I had no idea about that but I always find it interesting to learn things like these. Thanks for sharing! :)

For sure, No problemoow! ;)

Here are the ones I colored last year. :)


I am Armenian but grew up in America we are orthodox also.
The onion skin way is how my mom would do it also. 😁 Enjoy the egg fights with your family. Hope you have a nice Easter weekend.

Ah, that is so nice to know. :) Egg fights are going to very interesting, haha.

Hope you have a nice Easter weekend.

Thanks and I wish you the same!

Very cool way to color the eggs. We always colored our eggs in Poland with the onion peels too, but I like your cool way with the green leaves. Very cool.