BeeSwap STEEM HIVE Exchange

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A quick video on how to use BeeSwap to exchange STEEM for HIVE or HIVE for STEEM at 1/4 the cost of using steem-engine or hive-engine directly.

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Thanks for putting this video together. It is a great help in explaining how to convert STEEM to HIVE.

This has been causing confusion among many people. Hopefully this clears some things up.

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And now looks even more good looking!

yeah, I showed gerber the video yesterday and he said "shoulda waited until the redesign" lol

Its a good one either way. =)

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sorry, i didn't know about that. I think the same as neoxian. I did not know that Leofinance has a type of category that can be posted.

but if that's the reason, you can't just give the downvote. I just made a mistake on leofinance. Which must provide downvote is an account that has the power of Leo. not the power of the hive. You hurt my heart so much. I am only a small fish here.

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too late for me to vote the post but I will use it for sure... thanks for posting it and glad to see the lower fees!!! Good service for sure :)