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RE: Be a human and stop flagging for no reason !

in Threespeak - OLDlast year

Very bad idea to downvote others. It's just an abuse of power. If I have power and I don't like others post then I just ignore him never downvote him. We should be united to help each others not to harm others. Just promote steem...our healthy community strength is our success.


For sure. They are just abusing that power to show it to people. Maybe they want promotion. When I looked at the tweeter page of that guy, I didn't even see him promoting steem there while he said the opposite. Anyway, thanks god we have good whales as well. Steem is for everyone not only for those who are downvoting.

You obviously do not fully understand the idea of #Newsteem curation and why it came about... we all tried the ignoring thing which led to bidbot abuse and rewards rape... now people are getting upset by something that should have been enforced from the get go 🤦‍♂️ human nature is to be selfish so no I can’t say the DV’s are even justified 🤦‍♂️ Yet it should be something we are accustomed too but do the curators realize that they may very well be taking food off a families table?