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RE: If not complying , we will use VIOLENCE !

in Threespeak - OLD7 months ago

I would love to have a silent frequency that makes horses go mental, and it turn when they walked towards me 🤣


better , a frequency to break the cops mind control .. ;-)
A good friend of mine , somewhere briefly shown in the midst of the clip , walked up to a horse , and kissed it , on the mouth , .. lolol . Cause look close , those cops are not that well in control of there horses .. just a rattle snake tail would do enough to get the cop to fall of the horse . But the protesters dont want to hurt the inocent horses ..
It was just a peacefull national celebration for the day of freedom .

Haha yeh i noticed the riders werent in sync with the horse 😂 i wonder if a silent dog whistle wouls make a horse buck

A fearles soul and a determinated aura , and you take control of the horse ... Those cops respect there horse in a way that they put the beast above them ... They only use horses to spread fear , but they fear there own horse .. muhahaha ... The cavalary from 1800 and before , are long gone .. this is just show .. when i pass , how fast will that stupid cop dismount you think .. bwahaha .. not .
Thats why my friends say , it's better you are in Greece , far from this , ... they will hunt you and you will treathen to set yourself on fire if they corner you , .. and yes i would . Ill die on my feet , never gonna live on my knees , ever . ;-]

Maybe setting up a flash mob of bluetooth speakers to blare when the cops show up on horse back would be enough to trigger the sensitive ears of the horses enough to spook them... maybe play the angeriest predator noises you could find and blare them from the biggest bluetooth speakers you can afford. set them up around the area and trigger them as they approach.

Now your talking!

Cops put wax inside the ears , or at least have something to demp the sound .. of there horses ... and probably there own ears to .. no realy , just use a fearless aditute . And for the last resort , rub some hot peppers on the horses ass .. thats the only way .. ;-|

hahahahahaha lol peppers on the ass lol... i have a feeling that the wax is probably a ppe of the horse that a cop would easily overlook.