What Ive been up to the last days- check out the garden

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I started to clear up the garden where @trucklife-family is living, and take out the stones getting it ready for planting stuff in. One row is already got onions planted in it.

If I had once apon a time been able to upload from Android but its not possible, then it is possible, cant a dev work it out how I did it?! I would love to keep using 3speak, but with no mobile uploads, and not accepting 3gp files, and taking an hour to upload a 3min video, its completely limited. Anyway enjoy! ps, just rotate the video, this phone is a Huawei Y5 and it is complete crap. Most probably its for house-dwellers who just use normal social media and not much else hahah

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Fuck. When I found out this morning you were at Aish's, it was like a rainbow slapped my face. So freaking happy.

Hahahaha 🤣 ill see how spain goes, but im pretty broke from paying to stay in madrid and train tickets, dog transport and theres not much chance to make money here even without a full on plandemic happening so I might escape back to norway as its less strict there and less fascist 😊