Ants and Bees

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On a nature walk with my son we discover a whole world of ants that we never saw before. There are so many similarities between these ants and the people we see everyday commuting along to work. One of the big differences is these ants never worry about their job security. They just march in a line following the leader.

The bees are a little different. They also fly in a patter from flower to flower. They also have a queen and provide for the nest. The difference is that the bee goes by itself for most of the way. Although bees communicate and follow the patterns of other bees we didn't see the bee line up and march. Mostly it was busy flying around and would return to the hive when it was well and ready. The bee seems to have freedom and the by going from flower to flower the bee is doing an important job in nature through pollination. It's not by accident lilacs ended up in a garden I didn't plant.

The world is full of surprises. This is the first time I used @threespeak to speak about some basic concepts of our human life and existence.

You will notice my son's voice in here too. He didn't mind that his dad went rambling about insects. Instead he said, "Thank you for teaching me."

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I am reading a book about ant now called Invasive.