TheyCallMeDan and Luke Stokes: Hive, Steem, Community, Relationships, Money, and Value

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Dan and I had a fantastic discussion about what's been going on with Hive and our various perspectives on it. As a significant investor in Hive (one million STEEM at $1), Dan shared an important and often under-represented view in the Hive ecosystem: the perspective of an investor. As a former professional poker player, Dan understands the odds and how to remove emotion from an investment decision. He also understands what's at stake when it comes to free speech, sound money, and the value of relationships.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

If you'd like to know more about what led to Steem becoming Hive, start with this post here from Luke's perspective:

Also check out Dan's post here:

Nothing in this video should be taken as financial advice and all discussions of financial investments is for entertainment only.

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Had a great time, thanks Luke.

Thank you for that interview. Love you both. Viva la decentralization!!

Awesome! I think we need to be able to see the people who keep the chain and community running. Trust isn’t something we just give, we build it, and seeing you allows me to decide much better how to trust.

@lukestokes I always like the things I hear from you and now I can see your passion for crypto and all that in your eyes. I love how you talk about value. It’s such an elusive concept. The concept itself is an imperfect tool created by humans but it’s worth (haha) using just for practical purposes.

@theycallmedan, you actually encouraged me to buy into Hive with fiat. I have nowhere near 1 million dollars to invest but I saw how you putting both your money AND your time into the platform allowed you to have an exponential influence on the direction of the platform and so I decided to follow suit.

I want to do more to make this place healthy and successful because I loved steem the three years I used it and now we are without a company or CEO and so it’s really up to us. So now I’m doubling down, putting more time into onboarding friends, making initiatives to encourage good behavior and strengthening as many communities as I can, now as a real stakeholder.

Please continue to be honest and transparent. It’s always appreciated.

I like the fact that @theycallmedan said "invest in your investment" this is one thing one main feature of a blockchain like hive. The time and the effort we put in into checking up our investments yields even better dividends more than it could have. Do far it was a fantastic session with Dan

Dan shared an important and often under-represented view in the Hive ecosystem: the perspective of an investor.

Do you remember this day from SteemFest2 in 2017?

When you sat next to three mid-range investors? And now you've thrown dozens of such nanzo-scoops, Kevin-wongs and guys like me from Korea just off the chain. And then you think there's only one of them investing in a chain that has a blacklist? The Blacklist is == The new White paper? Wtf? Grow up!

Interesting choice of personalities. All of them understand DPoS, PoB, and the system and philosophy they invested in. Aka the old whitepaper.

Nobody was thrown off any chain, they just didn't receive a stake to earn from or vote with here. Because their voting on steem forced us to create hive in the first place. Without them, this wouldn't have happened.

If the people who voted for centralization followed to hive, I would have powered down here too and joined another chain where they don't. Luckily, those who really worked on the fork agree with me. Anyone who doesn't is free to spin up their own fork, or stay on steem.

Are we off-chain right now? Man, I'm confused

There is no free lunch.

There never was a free lunch, and there will never be a free lunch. The Hive/STEEM ecosystem needs currently "investors"/"speculators" who buy the dumped STEEM or HIVEs.

If you blacklist a lot of these guys, than you will have less buy support and a lot of the guys will think twice if they will ever buy one of these tokens. So a blacklist sounds like a loose-loose, or?

Doesn't explain how anyone was thrown off-chain when you're here writing on the chain. But hey, call it semantics

If your wallet was zeroed, then you were thrown out of the chain.

This was the first video I saw on this platform. I am curious to see where things will go.

My initial investment is made at this point, even if it is very small, it is a small beginning.

Thanks a lot for the entertainment!

Good video. These are crazy times. Hive is really coming into its own.



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Only 18 minutes in so far, but this is gold. Thanks!

Excellent video guys. Watched the whole thing.

has long been a fan of theycallmedan. and this is the first time I've seen it. he is truly extraordinary

Finally put a face behind the baller that is theycallmedan. This was a great watch.

Good job! Who is the next?

Enjoyed listening in, cheers guys.

I love the passion that both of you have for Hive! My favorite take from this is @theycallmedan's "we are a digital country" That is a great way for all of us to look at Hive! ❤️

Hope you guys bring fresh hopes for us

Although in the video there is nothing about financial advice, but we found a lot of important information about the development of the blockchain.
thank you @lukestokes

really great interview! Thanks for sharing

Amazing video, listening to you two i am so happy that i made an investment right here on Hive.
Steem was always something special to me and now that is turned to Hive.

Haha! I resonated with the worst investment comment. I invested about 9 bitcoin in Steem when it was at its absolute peak in price. I threw everything at it; ETH, BTC, SIA, XMR, etc. etc.
It's hard to believe I poured so much money in when you look at my lousy 50k stake. lol! But it is what it is.

Hi @lukestokes, I've reblogged this so I can come back and others can see it as well.
I didn't upvote; you don't need it with 122.85 ha ha ha... my vote would only be 1¢ worth.
I'm following you, and I just gave you a witness vote.

true supporters of the community! ❤️

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