Architects of kleptocracy

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▶️ Watch on 3Speak the clock ticking?
You can't judge a book by it's cover, but you can have some indication of who a person is, by the company they keep.

▶️ 3Speak

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I am unable to view the video.
I had a look and saw a notice saying ''9 cross-site tackers and other creepy things blocked'' gosh

Mmmmmm - I dunno....

Are you using brave browser? (don't be scared by the 'cross site tracker blocked

Try turning off the shield see if works?
Or another browser?

Let me know what you did, if you do decide to try again, so I can tell anyone else having a prob.
I'll be using 3speak now for my all my video uploads (on steem anyway)

haha i wont turn off the shield

I'm not sure how to help you then....

I was not really expecting help just wanted to let you know

Ok, cheers.

Just the fingerprint shield has to be disabled.
Something about html5 conflicts with it.
They tell me.

Ok, the Carlin clip forces me to re-steem.

Well, now it won't play for me, either.

Maybe @theycallmedan will tell us what has changed?

I can always open another bitchute channel I suppose, and link it

Bitchute has not been a problem for me before

Bitchute does it, too!

So ? any luck jet , dating miss Carbonare ? :-)

Nice clip , something to share on FakeBook . FB , where i have only 14 "friends" but at least 10 times the watchers . Works like at a traffic jam caused by an accident on the highway road on the opposite side and direction , jammed by watchers . Sara could cause a good object of interest , and who knows , they might get it one day ;-)

No luck as yet with the love of my life, Sara, no - although some nice uniformed officers did call around with a letter that she'd sent me.
I haven't read it yet though , too busy on the phone....