What Do I Want Out of Hive? #CommunityAMA to answer @nosowrites

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because @elsiekjay nominated me

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.. and more engagement in comments
(I actually watched it, usually my vote means that I've read / watched something, but in the era of automation it isn't that obvious).
With reputation it's a little bit tricky, current number doesn't mean much, except for anti-abuse, usually if someone has less than 25 it most likely means that community in general agree that we don't like to deal with such individual. It makes it easy to spot joywanderer (-1) is different than joythewanderer (78), but yes, aside of that it's heavily broken and has to be replaced.

Thanks for watching ^^
rep can be a great way of gamification if it’s not broken.

I can't even upload a picture with my writing on my fone. I have to get someone else to do it on their computer for me

you can’t? Uploading pictures is possible I have no problem with it.

Revive @partiko please!!!

I've asked someone who knows someone who made it.
We will see :-)

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