#CommunityAMA Initiative| Three Questions for @k-banti @elsiekjay & @nonsowrites

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Hello there guys in response to @theycallmedan's initiative, I'm choosing to ask three questions to three Very vocal members of the hive community.

So what's the cache?

The cache here is that I'm not just asking some random questions I'm asking questions based on some of the most intricate part of their lives and why is this? This is because I hope to learn from the aspect of these people's lives and well get them to also educate the hive community. So who are the people I asked these questions?

They would be @k-banti, @nonsowrites @elsiekjay whoooooo. Hold your horses, prepare yourself guys these questions I asked would blow your mind away and surely surprise you, however I'll take take that surprise and see you guys participate in this amazing AMA. Well it's an AMA so I'm obliged to ask really crazy question but not to worry it will be exciting.

So let's take off guys, I'll earnestly await your reply. Peeeeeeeeaaaaaacccce oooouuuutttt

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Woow... Jose, your video thrilled me a lot 😂🤣... Mhenn, I couldn't just stop laughing most especially with the way you kept on standing on your words that it's an AMA and you could ask us anything without being taken to court or denied of an answer 😂😂. You also keep flattering Elsie, she's capable of taking you to court Man 😆.

Whoa, it's really great to know there's someone who has been watching and observing my hustle here on the blockchain. It means a lot. Thanks for the question. Will put forth my response soon.

Hahaha well definitely await your reply, it's thrilling to be involved in this AMA. As for Elsie, she's a remarkable person and I'm sure she'll have to forgive me for calling her out like this 😂.
I'll eagerly await your reply, your contents are legit and you're a real hustler. Keep it up

😀 I also can't wait to get my reply on video. I've been ruminating on it. Hmm.. I believe that. She's indeed a remarkable being.

Don't be too eager buddy 😆🤣. Thanks once more for the compliment.

Oh! Also I like the little touches your gave your video. It seems someone is beginning to like the fancy video trend 😉

Ah when I get a better device I hope to even do better videos as well. I'm working towards making better Videos really I just tried to tush this video a bit. I'm glad you like it

Wow, you're definitely getting there brother. Till then, keep up the tush.

First of all, get one of these for your blogs on Jumia:


I will reply tomorrow. Lol this is interesting

Hahaha of course it's interesting, answer truthfully and nothing but the truth. 🤣🤣🤣

Erhm one month delivery time lol, I'll look for how to get it soon I have no excuse.