Belong (Broken Wing) - My Original Song // Showcase Sunday

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This is a piano arrangement of my song Belong. It sounds nothing like the original version which is fine by me because I'm sick of hearing the original song at this point. My cats actually named this version Broken Wing since it sounds nothing like Belong.

Carry me I'm a Broken Wing
Lift me up cuz I'm going under
Unredeemed cuz I don't believe
So I'll use your faith to carry me

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It ended quite rounded and powerful, love the low scales explorations and your vocal finishing touches... a great tune to be enjoyed for long.
Thanks so much for sharing it with us!
Hugs’n love over there ❤️

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Thank you!❤️

Great voice and song @isaria.

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Your voice us so sweet.And Almost time I lesson your music

You are killin it with your new music and then this 😁. Yay Isaria!
The haunting melodies along with your angelic voice evokes serious emotion 🤘

It's too bad 3Speak is not working :sadface:


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