HIVE Video Tutorial Lesson 2 - Participating Successfully

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In this second lesson in the HIVE getting started tutorial we'll cover:

  • Curating & Rewarding (Upvoting) content
  • Writing your Introduce Yourself Post (Using markdown/markup, citing sources)
  • Posting to Communities/blog

Please share your feedback/questions in the comments below.

You can see the first lesson in this tutorial here if you missed it.


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Intro/Outro music by @ELAmental

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We love this series

Glad to hear it. I hope that when I finish the 4th one you can add them all to a single page and link to it somewhere people who haven't joined the site yet can access it to take them all the way from A-Z in a less intimidating way. Not sure where that would be in the UI, but I think it would be helpful to a lot of folks who learn best with step-by-step audiovisual instruction.

Very clear. Well done with this video :D

Glad you liked it.

solid work! re-hived

Awesome, thanks. Need to work on the wallet one next. I have to check that changes to the PeakD wallet are complete before I do though.

Hive Keychain works very well.

I found this very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to make this. You really made it easy to understand. I feel ready to participate now. Wish I would have seen it before I made my first post, but moving forward I have a much better idea of how this all works.

Good. I'm glad it helps. I'm trying to get it distributed to places people will see it earlier on, but I don't have control over any of the front ends. Please share it with others (on and off HIVE) if you think it would benefit them.

Absolutely will!

very. useful indigo! ❤️❤️❤️

oh thanks, your content and tutorial is excelent, of much help.


You have a great voice for this sort of thing, a very useful video.

NB those large payouts on the 'introduceyourself' posts are for old Steemians effectively reintroducing themselves to Hive. My theory is that someone's set the upvote bots to randomly vote the posts of people who have moved over.

The really new people (the ones with reputations in the 30s) seem to be getting much lower value votes on their intro posts.

It's a good reminder actually for us to keep any eye on the intro section.

Ah, good catch. Yes, then we're going to have to dig deeper and make sure we're focusing on rewarding the intro posts from people with low reputation scores!

I think a big part of it may be that right now the oldies from STEEM are almost the only ones who know to create the post!