Revolution Video: Join The Hive Marketing Community

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Are you a marketer, SEO expert or branding guru? Join the Hive Marketing Community and shape the future of social media:

About the video: this new promo video was designed to let the Hive community as well as the people on regular social media know about the new Hive Marketing Community.

Share this video on social media to help us find the best marketers, SEO gurus and branding specialists. If you know anyone who is good at marketing, outreach and social media advertising, let them know about this new group.

As a focused community we can do great things. Join the new Hive Marketing Community today if you're passionate about outreach, and share your talents to help Hive reach a bigger audience.

Special thanks to @hitmeasap who created the awesome graphics that I split/remixed. The music is from Tik Tok and is by Helly Luv.

Join the Hive Marketing Community now:

Here's the YouTube video if you need that to share on social media:

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really cool idea! i will join :)

awesome, thanks! To be honest, I am not a marketing pro, but I know we can find people who are!

proof of share on twitter:

thanks @cardboard for the tip gift!