It Is Time to Make Some Money With Crypto Social Media.

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Does being in quarantine got you down? Maybe it is time you got to work building your personal brand on Crypto social media channels. Get started today making an income on the channels below.


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Well done! Hey even an old guy like me might be able to succeed!

Other bonus: The Appics post goes onto the Steem blog for even more earning.

What will Appics do now about all of the toxicity on Steem? That’s another good question. Another topic for another type of video.

Glad you're posting this type of content. I really miss @exyle as he was my go to source for info about the platforms that I was on.

Appics isn't Steem. They will figure it out. I will keep up the work Brotha!

I will be happy making some cool money in this time staying at home during this quarantine

Great advice man...Just need to figure out how to get those APPICS CEO kinda votes now LOL

Awesome, Just be active you will land one

I doubt that lol Been active on Appics since they launched, invested in it and even did an entire training module on it for my online business. lol Regardless, I'm still plugging along. The app is fantastic!

It's more or less like steem. It takes quite a long time to get noticed and make connections

Join the Telegram and Discord.

I followed you and holy shit you make more than 90% of the people on the platform. You make about the same as me.

Yeah it's nice. I love Appics....I'm just trying to shoot for those Winchester kinda posts lol

We all have dreams :)

there are lots of people getting jobless due to lockdown i hope we can promote platforms like hive to the talented people

decided to join the hive bcs of your video! always been trying to learn about crypto for a while but was never good at social media and never was old enough to have banking to invest :/