The Daydreamers Study | Time-lapse

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This is a quick painting study that I made on Procreate. This will be a major work that I will be doing in the next couple of weeks. I usually do lots of studies before painting the actual major works (in oil). For small works, I usually don't care much lol.

The Daydreamers Study..jpg

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My goodness! What a beauty? 36 seconds doesn't seem right or long enough, I was looking at the colours and I didn't understand the concept, it seemed like the bed was floating or it was a different sleeping position, can't get the idea but it's definitely brilliant wow

Oh wow, thank you! It is floating. I forgot to make it look like it's windy. I should improve the clothes and sheets in the final painting. Hopefully I will be able to explain the meaning next time. :D

Oh definitely o can't wait for the final painting, keep doing amazing work I'm not sure I can even do half of this even if I took 15 years to practice. 🤣🤣🤣

I believe everyone can paint with proper practice and determination. So yes, I believe you can, to be honest. :D

So beautiful artwork by you.

Thank you!