How is the metro of the most populous city in America? ¿Cómo es el metro de la ciudad más poblada de América?

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Hello friends how are you, this time I bring you a short video where I show the large number of people who move in the facilities of the Sao Paulo metro

Hola amigos, ¿cómo están? Esta vez les traigo un breve video donde muestro la gran cantidad de personas que se trasladan en las instalaciones del metro de Sao Paulo

As you can see we look like a wave of zombies in search of food, but we are not only workers who want to get as fast as possible to their homes

Como puede ver, parecemos una ola de zombis en busca de comida, pero no, solo somos trabajadores que queremos llegar lo más rápido posible a sus hogares.

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Hi @hendersonp

I cannot imagine going to work every day and dealing with such a crowd. Insane.

ps. I just bumped into your post and I must say that I'm glad to see that you're still around buddy :)

Cheers, Piotr

hello @crypto.piotr how are you , if it is not something very nice, go through it every day, however it is the fastest means of transportation.

I do not have much time to publish daily but I am doing my best to accumulate steem, I hope that this year the cryptocurrencies will have a similar behavior to 2017

It was a pleasure to greet you

It's me again @hendersonp

I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.

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