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RE: Neal's Thoughts on STEEM Witnesses Freezing Steemit Stake

in Threespeak - OLDlast year

Steem will never be the same again. We have basically demonstrated to the world that stakes are worth nothing in a DPoS system. What's next? Writing Berniesanders stake out, because the witnesses don't like the language he uses or the flag wars he starts? Or how about starting to censor content, to keep the blockchain "clean" of whatever opinion is not wanted by the Dark Council?

I was considering to change my witness votes but if your stake doesn't make a dent, why should I even bother with mine...


It's 100% a slippery slope.

Changing your witness votes won't do anything to their ranks, but it may send a message to those witnesses.

The biggest problem then would be: Who else do I vote for? If you look at the few witnesses who don't run the 22.2 softfork, you realize that the alternatives are not even enough for all the available 30 votes. I guess I can simply not vote at all, I already do that in politics.

Yeah,it's purely symbolic.