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Tiempo para mi: yessss this is what I’ve been doing these days in quarantine despite not being completely out of my job routine (trabajando dos dias por semana).

Maybe there’s also a remote chance I can improve my spanish with your videos so the number 4 also applies 😊😁


It's great news to know that you want to speak Spanish. I love having time for myself too. 😊

What are your topics of interest? I could later make a Ramdom video talking about something different. It's not a promise but it's a possibility. 😁

I went to Spain a couple of times in the past for Erasmus like...10 years ago 😁

It’s quite similar to my italian dialect so I can understand pretty much everything, but speaking it is all another thing 😆

Any topic is fair game, about your travels maybe or some Venezuelan culture or food recipes, I hope the quarantine will be over soon too 😊😊