Breaking Down Hive's Different Passwords and Signing in!

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I have been working with new users and right off the bat some of the frustrations they have are just getting started with their new passwords!

Having your passwords gives you access to your Hive account so you can post, upvote, comment, transfer Hive, power up, power down, and vote in the Hive governance!

Hopefully this helps answer some questions:

"What are the different passwords?"
"How do I use them to sign in to Hive.Blog,, and the other platforms on the Hive blockchain?"
"How do I get started on Hive?"

I hope to continue making quick videos going over little concepts to make the learning curve a little easier for new users.

Article referenced written by @pfunk
Graphic created by @zaxan

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Ok pretty off topic but I like that haircut. It looks fresh.

More importantly good job on this video to help new people out. Keys are the one part of Hive that I wish we could simplify in the coming months. I think it's the hardest part for new users to get acclimated to.

Haha thanks man!!

Basically I decided to make videos on things people ask me! Yes, mainstream adoption would be helped with better and intuitive password management.

Great content, and I like the black backdrop.

You must be excited! You speak very fast in the beginning. It may be difficult for some non-native English speakers to follow along.

GREAT suggestion,, thank you for bringing that to my attention.


I just onboarded a few refugees from the Meme wars on twitter... they're haggard and disheveled. It's BRUTAL over there as you well know. We're going to put this little PSA of yours to the test with them, that way You get the Blowback if anything goes wrong... [grinning maniacally].

Treat them like Toddlers ; )

Best regards!


I just wanted to let you know that we created a Hive Marketing community, as I think we had discussed this possibility in the past on twitter.
Join if you're interested in marketing Hive on social platforms:

Thank you!