Is Free Speech Worth Saving? Alternative Free Speech Platforms are the Future..

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Hey Hivers,

On to serious matters on this one, Courtesy of the Free Speech Initiative by @theycallmedan

Freedom of Speech

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like everyday I wake up there's always another Youtuber complaning about their content being censored or their channels being pulled down. Such as the casesI have referenced on this video. As such, you can understand why free speech platform like 3Speak are a crucial part of decentralization and spear-heading the way for content creators to be fully in control of their content, channels and alternatively, the message they wish to pass on to their audience.

But What is Freedom of Speech Really? And Why is it Important?

According to Wikipedia;

Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction..

Which is contrary to what we are witnessing on centralized platforms, hence the importance of platforms like Hive, 3Speak, DTube, ETC.


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Can't help but imagine the work you put into this video, definitely astounding. In my opinion I feel that alternative free speech platforms aren't really that much out there and it's so surprising seeing a video with more than 6 million views being removed by YouTube. It's totally Crazy. I do believe however that soon people will start embracing platforms that assures them certainty and protection and sanctity of content.

Of course, you're beautiful as always

I think at some point everyone will have enough with putting up with censorship and start looking for alternative platforms, but until then, it's going to be a long tough battle road. What we can do however is to keep informing and directing people on to the blockchain, eventually, they will listen.

It was actually fun to create & edit this one, just one of those days :) Thanks for watch & for the support :))

Posh Af >

If you haven't, I think you should post some of these videos on youtube to bring more people over.

I do have a channel there that is barely active. I will try to work on that :) Thanks for watching xo

Yes and no depending on the context. I believe in the power of words and everyone must be ready to give accounts of words said for either good or bad.

You have a point, but once that power is taken away from you/us, we not only become vulnerable to abuse, but also powerless. It should be used responsibly.

Amazinggggggg 👍❤️

Thank you for watching :)