SingleHooD| Loneliness and Online Dating...Community AMA Response!

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Thank You @josediccus for this question on how I handle being single and a bunch of other interesting questions. You certainly aren't holding back with the questions haha :D

Thought I'd go an extra mile and add on my online dating experience while we are at it. I'd also be very curious to hear of other people's experience on this, so, if you would like to answer this, go right ahead :)

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I'm coming to comment 🤣🤣 @tipu curate

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Interesting reply all through lol I've learnt a whole lot watching everything you had to say. I see you had fun lol.

Well I've tried online dating in the past, it was actually great in the beginning but we couldn't be together. Plane ticket and money issues you know. but it was good. Hahaha I'm sorry the questions has been really personal lol that's how we roll 😂😂😂

Not at all. It was actually quite interesting and different from all the other bunch of questions I see going around. Long distance and online dating aren't the most ideal, and I strongly believe it's not everyone's cup of tea! :D

You are very beautiful 😛