What Do I Want Out of Hive/STEEM?

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Today is a Very Very VERY interesting, yet timely day!

A few Days Ago,@Nonsowrites asked;

What Do You Want Out of HIVE/STEEM?

While I would have imagined this question to be very easy and direct to answer, it really wasn't! I took nearly 48 hours to come up with a somewhat definitive answer. EVen so, i don't feel it was quite accurate, but I did try to answer it as honest and precisely as I could!

Talking of Questions...

@theycallmedan is running another very interesting initiative as well;

CommunityAMA Initiative..

How lucky I am to have timely found it just when I was just about done editing this video, because it fits right into the theme of this initiative. I thought I'd open up the doors for you guys by submitting this as my first entry of the many more that I might be taking part of in the coming week.

The instructions of this Initiative are;


  • Write a question to a Hiver that you want to hear from and tag that person on your Hive post...

  • If you are tagged for a question, respond to the person asking you a question by making a response video on https://3speak.online

  • In your 3Speak response video, use the tag #communityama as your first Hive tag & put the link to the question the Hiver asked you somewhere in your video post.

  • Share your HIVE video answer to Twitter; use the hashtag #HIVE and *
    #3Speak in your Tweet. Share a link to your tweet at the bottom of your Hive post or in the comments of your Hive post.

Seeing that this 2 initiative work hand in hand, I'll be killing 2 birds 1 stone(what can I say, a girl like to save/maximize on time), by answering @nonsowrites question but on @thecallmedan's initiative!

Perfect fit!


What Do i Want from Hive?

Gotta watch to find that out!

Tagged @adetorrent @hauptmann @joythewanderer @prettynicevideo to answer this very question by @nonsowrites.

Also, if you would like to ask me any other question for a video reply, feel free to do so. I enjoy making videos :)


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haha! 😎

Haha.. While that would be nice and all, I'm a girl of simple pleasures😁👀

hehe. I'm just playing. As recently publicly declared, I'm not onboard the whole mass Lambo fantasy anymore. Still just to joke around a bit, though. 🥂

As it should be ;)
Happy Weekend!

Ah passive income? I don't see that too happening in a long time, sadly one needs to be rich to actually become richer, nevertheless I still think I enjoy the competition or the competitiveness of having to grow on a daily basis, it actually thrills me. By all means. I didn't know you went to Spain for a long term I thought it was just for a visit.

It will take long for sure, but who knows, maybe other crypto investments pay off and we can buy in and build faster. I don't expect to build my HP from content creation. But I do know hive would be a great platform for passive income. It's always the first thing I recommend to those looking to invest.

The thrill is good :)

It just take time is all. You can also get passive income by using DLease.

Good things do take time after all :)

..sadly one needs to be rich to actually become richer

Blessed art thou, Josediccus, for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee.

Hahaha well it's sadly the truth and what do I know? I'm joining the elites if intellects like you @adetorrent

There's many ways to get rich outside #hive... After which we can invest here and join the rich and become richer isn't it? Work SMart, not harder😏


I’m gonna do one too.

Looking forward to it :)

Great information, I am always looking for others perspectives of what they want out of Hive, how to market Hive, etc.

This platform is fortunate to have someone as passionate as you.Slowly but steadily we'll get there. Thanks for the support D🙂




Equal opportunity for every one to earn a small fortune.

That would be amazing, we can buzz together 😁

Yes and we really need it, if we can do it there is no other place like Hive which people will go to

Nice work this is

Thanks for watching :)

I'm moved by this. I think I have a long way to go on hive. What do I want? I want see everyone united, I want to see hive grow bigger, and possibly climb to the top too like you and some others. As a newcomer, I'm getting motivated everyday. I'm loving it here.

It's great here. If you do stuff you genuinely enjoy you'll never want to leave :) Welcome to "THE HIVE" :))