How to restore dead batteries and give them a long life - no acid, no additives

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If you depend on large or small batteries for your car, or solar power system then now is the time to make sure they are in good shape, with a long life ahead of them. Batteries cost a LOT of money, and are easily damaged in so many ways.. Right now it may not even be possible to buy new ones, and if you have old batteries that are not performing well, it can be very hard to get them back into shape.

I have been testing a very simple device that can be used on almost any kind of battery. I have recovered three almost unusable large 150Amp solar power batteries back into great shape using this method, and am confident to reccomend a pulse charger as a very important tool in battery repair and maintenance.

If your batteries are not performing well, then please do check this out as the device i am using is very cheap (around $15-$30) and can be purchased online on many stores. I consider this one of the cheapest, easiest, and most effective ways to restore your batterys!

You can find an example of this product to purchase here, although it is available on many online stores other than amazon.

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I was planning to replace my dead battery.Let me check this device. Thank you

good luck! it is SO cheap that its totally worth trying it.. worked a charm for me a few times !

Absolutely brilliant thanks Alex. I am sharing and hoping lots of people take this onboard (not only to be more eco minded but I noticed battery prices like most things have got more expensive in the last week online )

thanks sally.. yes and it ain't easy shipping batteries that are purchased online.. i only wish i had found this gadget two years ago, would have saved myself a lot of money! thanks for the comment <3

Good evening @eco-alex ,

This is 100% useful method for everyone who are using battery. I am not personally tried this method because i don't have a battery but i will recommend this to needy. Quality vlog ♥