ecoTrain QOTW - Are 'eco-warriors' hypocrites for flying? JOIN IN!

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This is my response to the ecoTrain QOTW. This one of my first attempts to sit down and speak facing the camera! Im really camera shy, so this is helping me get over it. Sorry the editing is not the best, oh and I hope i dont offend anyone near the end whilst i rant about guilt and ignorance, it just came out like that.

I hope you enjoy, please comment your opinions or join us and post.. More info at:

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Oh.... this question has occupied my mind for DAYS!! I'm almost ready to post my answer later today. 😎

Serious kudos on the video and @3speak front! I NEED to be making lots of video (as you know!) and have such a fear of the way I sound & lookmto others. 😣 Im encouraged by your post (and your answer!) & off to investigate how to get started.

Awesome questions... and some very thoughtful responses coming through. 😍

thank you!! u are a natural just so you know.. just hit record and start talking.. i think the hard part will be stopping you!

cant wait to see your answer on this one!!

You've got a wise cat. My favourite part of the video! Its answer seemed to really cat ( I mean get ) you in a flow. Or was it a trick? We never get to see the cat :>)

Have you ever read any book by Murakami? There's one about an old man talking to cats: 'Kafka on the Shore'. Can't say I'm much of a cat person but I loved that book and they sure are intriguing and inspirational creatures, doing exactly what they feel like doing.

oh dont worry, the cat is real .. and my great inspiration.. actually hes sat on my lap right now...

i havent read anything by Murakami... but im sure i would relate to it.. these cats are SO wise!!!

Thanks for sharing, always like to hear your openminded original visions and indeed your voice is pleasant to listen to. And any step one takes towards helping the environment is a good one, it can not be nullified by something else you do that isn t good for the environment. And I want to add: If you fly to broaden your consciousness or grow spiritually, you re raising the vibration of the planet which is THE most important step in repairing climate change because all things manifest according to spirit. Love

thank you for sharing too.. glad it was watchable! xx

Them no hypocrites for flying,
but for telling others not to fly,
because it is bad for the climate.

Yah id have to agree on that! How about flying less.. especially for short haul? Xx

I did "short haul" by bus the last days.... haha... fun post future tonight. 🤣

i can sense a story or two coming!?

Lovely to see and hear you speaking and expressing your thoughts! It added a personal touch! Hope you do more of your responses like this!

THANKS! it took me YEARS to be brave and do this first one... and fully appreciate your encouragement to make more.. and overcome my shyness... my intention is do make more yes! Xxx much love

Very awesome! It's great to see you in a video. You have quite a pleasant voice, I think I'd enjoy watching more of your talks.
As for the subject matter, hehehe, let me answer in a post!

Thanks for saying that! I need some encouragement and really want to do more and get over my camera fear! I cant wait to see what u post!’n

do we just use ecotrain hashtags for our entrys?

Yes thats it!