The Psychology of the Corona Lockdown - Behind the Mask

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As a follow up conversation to our current analysis of the corona crisis event, Hector Combo invites Michael Tsarion to track the philosophical & psychological genealogy of our self-imposed oppression. According to Michael, Irish author & researcher, we are geared toward tyranny in the deepest part of our psyche. "We are never rewarded for being a true Self! We don't have wise men to bitch-slap us into sanity.."
To get a better understanding to the ongoing discussion I am pursuing please check out my previous discussion with Jordan Maxwell as well as the three articles referenced in this conversation with Michael Tsarion:
Behind the OCCULT Corona Narrative with Jordan Maxwell

Excuse Me Sir, Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Our New Religion?

Children of Thanatos (authored by Michael Tsarion):

The Average Persona (ibid):

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I just pray God protect us as soon as possible. Once upon a time there were ‘dinosaurs’, but they don’t exist now a day. because they couldn’t survive in nature. But the 'cockroach' of that Jurassic era still survives. Because he has been able to evolve himself, change himself and survive in nature. We also have to evolve with the elements of nature. We have to fight and survive. We also need to change ourselves.

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