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RE: Full Tutorial: How to Create a Community on Steem

Apprec the video. I myself didn't find it difficult at all in the yrs here to find people with similar interests when looking through basic #tags, so communities doesn't solve that for me but has done the opposite for now in adding quite a bit of confusion on how to operate going forward lol.

when you say it only posts to those communities, does that mean that nobody outside of the community can see it? If I post in the Steemleo community and use the old '#steemleo' does that mean others cannot see that post on if they aren't joined in the community ? or would using the hive tag and the old tag show to both crowds?

can you only post in 1 community at a time? I see you posted in a 'hive' here and used several older tags, I assume because those tags dont' say "hive' that they don't go into those communities if there are any of that name?


a community post also shows up in the tags that you put on them

So from what i understand, if you post within a community - it's visible to those community members AND it shows up under the "posts" section of your profile, but not the "blog".

I'm pretty sure you can only post a piece of content to one community - which is a bummer. That's definitely feedback I have for them!

No se entiende la herramienta de pertenecer a una comunidad

You can resteem posts to have them also show up on your blog, and if you use SteemPeak you can cross-post to other communities. Steemit hasn't added the feature yet, but hopefully they will soon.

Oooh that’s on Steempeak?? Good to know - I’ll go check that out!