Charming police officer doesn't want ANYONE to die

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I saw a police officer on a bike in Primrose Hill moving people on who were sitting alone i the sun and we started having a chat. He turned out to be one of those charmers that we are lucky to have in abundance amongst British Police.

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Richard Fry3 weeks ago
Are you sure he didn't just get that costume for his birthday?

Tongkat Ali3 weeks ago
"I admire you a little bit" priceless, some of them are still human, that policeman was a good dude and gave me some hope.

Swift Nevison Bush Wrangler3 weeks ago
Nice human terrible policeman by normal standards. How did he slip through the system

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This must be prime time for you @dannyshine! Cognitive dissonance everywhere! But rest assured, asking these questions is essential work

LOL. He may find himself unemployed after this interview:)

I've worked around a lot of them over the years and yeah.. He's probably not going to be smiled upon.

Lol. Ta for the vid. Made me chuckle a lot. Much nicer more laid back bloke than our ones down in the south west.