Happy 420 to all cannabis lovers!

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What is better than one Dynavap M? Two Dynavap M's with a glass BB9 body to pair perfectly with a brand new bubbler. This combination produces some of the smoothest hits ever experienced.

The song is "Green Crack" by Apashe.

Stay tuned for my full 420 blog later this evening on Hive.

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Awesome. Happy 4/20 to you.


Happy 4/20/20!

🤜🤛 4️⃣2️⃣0️⃣


Thanks! I couldn’t have done this one without some help. The videographer followed my bossy directive quite well. My vision was able to come to life after I spent some time editing, just in time for 420 😎

Always nice to have a videographer who will follow your bossy directive :P
Perfect timing with 4/20! have a good one 😄

happy 420!!!!