Did the Steem Community Just Leave Steem?? What You Need to Know About the Hive Blockchain

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Hi Steem Family! (or should I say Hive Fam?)

It has sure been an eventful evening with the news of the Steem Community forking the chain to basically say "bye felicia" to Tron and create a decentralized eco-system that better lines up with the communities values.

In this video, I break everything down and explain what just happened and what people can expect. I discuss the following topics:

  • How will Hive be different than Steem?

  • The Hive airdrop and who will receive tokens.

  • What will happen to the price of steem?

  • Will the Steem blockchain an Steemit still continue to operate?

  • How is Hive going to be more decentralized than the current Steem blockchain?

  • A full breakdown of what happened from a technical perspective and why various dApps and UI's built on steem will need to decide which chain they want to operate in the next few days.

This video was filmed as breaking news right after the announcement was released. It is very possible that depending upon when you watch this video... new information will be available.

Like I said in the video, I rarely say this - but please do subscribe if you found this video helpful. I plan to continue making educational videos about the developments on the Steem blockchain in addition to tutorial videos on Hive. If you'd like to see more content like that, be sure to follow along so you don't miss it! 💕

XO, Lea



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Lea, future queen of the hive? ;D


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GO HIVE! Loved your video I also read the recent posting about it and I'm All In my friend, well done! Upped and resteemed👍💪✊🐝🐝🐝

hahah OMG I love that bee :D

aww thanks Karen! I love that you already have a Hive bitmoji ready to go!! haha

Hahaha he is fun to ride the HIVE wave on lol!

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Love it, Karen :)

Really well done video and coverage of the Fork.

Thank you so much guys! It's going to be a crazy week!

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I don't imagine steempeak will point at the Hive chain.
They'll have to roll out a new URL. Hivepeak, I'd guess.
My big concern is that we bring as many accounts over as possible. Big tent.

hmm yeah rebranding will likely be a big headache for them. Steem Monsters did it pretty successfully when they changed to Splinterlands. Rebranding is never easy, but over time it works out.

it's surely going to be difficult choice

If steempeak would point towards hive chain, then many of current users would feel abandoned and left out.

it's surely going to be difficult choice

If steempeak would point towards hive chain, then many of current users would feel abandoned and left out.

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Thanks for sharing Coruscate, that's a fast update/summary on the situation! Perfect for sharing.

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate you sharing! ❤️

for sure more less things are changing all the time. Hive could be good thing going. Since with many new things on Steemit and Steem. Yes seems to be a bad image if the original group behind steemit are going to Hive, might as well all leave and try something new. Thanks so much for sharing. Perhaps Hive offer a new beginning. Always great work!!!

aww thank you for the kind words! It will be interesting to see how this all plays out!

A semi-technical question when I may? The answer might be in the video but I will ask first and check later :)

What will happen with all the image data stored on Steemit controlled cloud hosting and the links from the Hive based articles?

I presume that:

  1. images won't be copied and relinked to some other cloud storage provider's account
  2. eventually, articles (on Hive) will lose the images if Steemit / Tron decides to block the access or even delete them.


Ps: fully upvoted, resteemed, the question asked through https://hive.blog/hive-100421/@coruscate/acwmtxdz

Thank you so much for sharing this video! I am actually not sure about your questions - and so I'm hoping someone else can jump in and help out. Perhaps if your content was posted through a dapp like appics or Dtube - your content would remain the same and visible on there- but your "main page" will be blank and start to fill up as you post on hive.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I will post the question elsewhere too. And try to formulate it better.

It's an exciting time for many good and not so good reasons ...

Good luck and keep on producing these great videos :)

Aww thank you!

awesome video! subscribed :)

Thank you so much!! 🙏🏼

Will Hive Communities have customizable URLs?

I doubt that's a top priority for them right now. I have a whole list of things i'd like to see done to make communities better - that being one of them. haha I hope that once the dust settles with all of this, the hive developers will start looking at improvements like that.

Yeah probably not. I agree. Thanks.

I don't want to upvote this I want to Hive5 yourself, hope to see you on the new chain and that you'll beehive yourself and act accordingly

Also, I had to pause the video while watching to do something and it stopped on this frame, thought it was the perfect face for explaining a fork
Screenshot 20200318 at 09.05.20.png

LOL!! I'm loving all your Hive jokes already. 😂 And that photo... wow i look so intense. 🙃

Really nice informative video.

Thank you!! I really appreciate that.

Great video, will be really helpful for newbies and less technical users.

Thank you! That was my goal and so I really appreciate you saying that. :)

This news make me Happy!

Me too 🌶

They could also create a new URL that they would put on the new chain while keeping the old one on Steem as well.
HivePeak really doesn't sound good though. They might have to come up with a new name.

Hmm yeah that's true. There may be some rebranding moving forward. To be honest, I'm a little "meh" on the name Hive...but we'll work with what we got. ;)

For The Hive!

I tend to prefer "For Aiur," but Protoss were never easy to get rolling before getting rolled.

I never much had an issue with playing with either. I preferred Protoss tho. But the Zerg were pretty cool in their own way. Was really cool when you assimilated the enemy later in the game.

Maybe freepeak, nothing says they need to stay with the coin.io name first, peak and the mountain are what people will associate with them. Since we are freeing ourseleves from steemit.inc I think freepeak would be a good name.

I think the accounts that publicly supported JustinSun on the steem blockchain are going to be excluded from the airdrop. People who supported him on other platforms, you can't always pinpoint them to a specific steem blockchain account and thus you can't exclude them from the airdrop based on assumption that, person @x on twitter is the owner of the steem account @x, for example.

Now which accounts...well a few accounts from a certain community might miss out, I guess I don’t need to mention which one lol 😅

Edit : Also just found out anyone who voted for the sock puppets will also be forked out. Even if they change their votes now, the transaction history will remain so they will be forked out.

oh interesting, thanks for the info! I honestly wish they would publish a list and be more transparent with it.

I am going to Hive...

You might be recalling stuff no? Lol 😂 about another hive from the past. Lol

Great info! Thanks!

Thank you! I'm really glad you found it helpful.

Very interesting input on the situation @coruscate, I am glad you have been making this!

As a side note, in case it sounds interesting to you: I am releasing a new game app in a few days exclusively on the Hive blockchain ( here .

I can't wait for steempeak to be Hived! :D

She has to be A Model

I am actually.

It's hard upstairs to find a beautiful, intelligent woman

I for one welcome the haters to leave steemit to people who arent interested in hating on Justin for being a good entrepreneur and wanting to scale the project hr thought was cool. I think he can make steem great. So let the wasps move to a new hive.

Let us know if Justin is a good master.

Some of us don't want a master, being free thinking individuals and all, but everyone that needs a father figure that does everything for them and tells them how things will be done Is more then welcome to stay.

You have the perfect account name for this fork lol 😂

Awesome! I read quite a few posts on the explanation of what is going to happen. Just hearing someone explain it was a little more helpful. Thanks!! See ya on HIVE @coruscate


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We are now officially Hivekind

what will be the value of hive at the beginning?

That's hard to know so far... A new chain always has price challenges.

Ironically, a hive is perhaps the most centralized entity in nature.

United yes, centralized... it depends on what you define centralized.

Did the Steem Community Just Leave Steem?

No, we are leaving tomorrow 14:00 GMT.

Hi Kate,

This is extremely helpful for a lot of people and will surely ease some people's minds. I resteemed it and will share it with some of the people that need it the most.

Thank you for taking the time to make this video and to spread the word.

Have a nice day and see you at Hive!


P.S. I'm out to the supermarket now, to get some popcorn. That is, if all the popcorn hasn't been hoarded yet ( aren't popcorn and toilet paper the most valuable assets these days? )


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For some things to evolve it my have change.

20 hours, yes then we move.

Just removed your pathetic blog from steemit.com. How do you like being censored? Sad that HIVE won't censor you...

Having fun, trolley? =]

Little late but I did enjoy this breakdown. Thank you I did sub :)!

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