You can't undelegate from the community Justin Sun !

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In this video I just make fun of Justin Sun !

He can't undelegate from the community for sure !

Yesterday he undelegated from @dtube , , @fundition and other great dapps and even spam fighters !

I'm even sure that he will not watch this video, just like he's not caring about anyone here talking to him.

This guy don't understand negotiation. He's a criminal.

Here is the article I talked about in the video : Justin Sun In Trouble: Tron Founder Accused of Money Laundering and “Restricted” By Chinese Government

I also discurssed a bit the new fork of steem that will happen very soon and I fully support it.

For more details read here : Why I won’t be compromising with Justin Sun

The most important is the community and I will be proud to move with it where ever they want !

I'm excited to see the new name of the new great and much better chain !

Things we should mention in every post we create !


Join our momevent in twitter, we are really doing well and creating big awarness :

We are creating awareness about the situation and letting the world know all the truth about what's happening !

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That's the Truth .

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Of course. We always stand for the truth. Not like the lier Justin !

awesome thumbnail lol

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Thanks a lot. ☺

@justinsunsteemit is such an authoritarian idiot. Every day I'm more sure that the chain will split. And we don't need a new chain. We split the chain into two identical chains so nothing is lost. That's the beauty of blockchains.

For sure. I've never seen such rich idiot in my life. He's really acting like the baby who wants the toy only for himself.

About the new chain it will be a good move to let him cry forever because his toy will not work.

We have nothing to lose after all. We keep being in both making fun of him in this one and enjoying the community in the new one.

Some think that @justinsunsteemit has some evil master plan. But I go with Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity”

For sure. He even looks so stupid. lol

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