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RE: Be a human and stop flagging for no reason !

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There appears to be a small army of downvoters on Steemit that serve no purpose other than to downvote posts of content creators. I wrote a post about it the other day asking some of the same questions you are.

I suspect something more organized and purposeful than random voters and objections to people's content. What that might be, I am not yet sure...


I don't care that much about that little army or those who use to downvote. But this time I was downvoted by a guy who seems promoting steem and caring about it. I didn't expected that from him. He removed from me $7. For no reason.

While they say that they don't agree with rewards, they can say the same about others. But why only some should be punished for nothing while others always in the trending page every single day milking steem with creating posts every 3-6 hours. For some reason they just support them even more and look for someone like me with low steem power to downvote.

Here are the efforts I do to promote steem !

Politics my friend... it’s not just one person they will be fighting but the entire group all at once... think about it... the whales have been accused of circle voting each other, now if that’s true that means they will most likely defend one another also... this tells me it’s an unspoken agreement as to whom they are allowed to target without starting an all out war... it’s all politics IMO!

The random account votes are for filtering and building lists is my assumption... new STEEM has shifted from taking down bidbots to voting circles such as @sbi(talk with them for more info, they intend to stand their ground) and @dcooperation counts as a voting circle with clix being the founder and #1 profited account... @OneLoveDTube made the shift to manual curation limiting auto voting to service subscribers only when I first heard wind of this but I still fear being targeted also as founder because I receive those “random account” votes....

and people compare that with onelove and they are upvoting, really funny :

LOL you can point fingers all you want my friend, doesn’t change the fact we are no longer doing what the platform needs or wants from us!

PS I have paid out of pocket to keep services running for our community as have other members so yes our Upload service subscribers do receive regular votes in appreciation for keeping everyone’s videos alive that uses it 😉

I'm also sending steem to the account and powering up everything and use my free time to create on @dcooperation. Everyone is doing well in his own well. You started pointing at me the first. I wish you all the best and to all steemians there. I will not telling anything else because I respect you from your content.

Not pointing fingers but adding explanation from my perspective as to hopefully educate anyone looking in on the situation... remember one thing “content quality” is subjective and very few of us produce anything YouTube worthy... I know I’ll never make a cent there thus I know I am below the quality standard expected by the people we wish to attract to STEEM... which is why my content does not deserve more than it already receives.