The Biggest Crypto Story That No One Is Talking About: Steem, Hive and Justin Sun

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BlockTV News talks to @brianoflondon about the entire story of the Justin Sun / TRON purchase of Steemit INC, the Sybil attack against the community witnesses and the subsequent hardfork to Hive.

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This was a great piece and I take my hat off to @brianoflondon, he reported everything perfectly.

It is truly a testament to the strength of this community that this happened. It's something I've always admired about people here, while many of us are casual bloggers sharing art, videos, recipes, and the like... there is a true commitment by many to the principles of decentralization. This was the first test of many ahead. As larger institutional players enter the space, more attempts at takeover will ensue, only when the community stands firm together and holds to their principles can we maintain a decentralized system. Proud of this community for giving hope to many naysayers who believe that blockchain will eventually be a powerful tool for central authorities.

Thanks Brian for sharing this piece to the crypto world. I'm sure a lot of ppl needed to know what's going on in the crypto space.

Great summary Brian.

As a side note. The one and only way for Justin to takeover the entire network, was with the help of those 3 exchanges. Those 70 mill SP he possess ...that 21%...just wasn't enough to attack the network. He needed much more than that. If the exchanges didn't participate in that fiasco Steem would have still been decentralized run by real people...real witnesses.

Steem is dead space now

really good interview, thanks for sharing!

I cringed everytime I looked at Justin before this stunt he pulled, now I can barely look at him.

Very interesting video, many thanks for this contribution. Maybe this is also the beginning of the development of an improved system. We will see.

Thanks for getting the word out! All we need is some publicity now! All the baggage is gone :-). And thanks for being on 3speak!

Steem was not working for everyone. Other than your gloss over the censorship that still exists when a whale decides to bot nuke an account or a witness. Said whale seems to still be a central witness in hive. Other than your lack of information in someinstances you told the story well brian. Zionism is still bad.

I can't please everyone and neither can Steem or Hive. With a story like this there's always more to be said even though 30 minutes is a very long time for this.

What story is ever over huh? Short as it was, the video felt really long.

It seems that everyone is talking about this. Everyone in our little blockchain world anyway :)

I'm new to HIVE and i was really close to joining STEEM NETWORK and i just wanted to know what will happen to DTUBE and Esteem and other STEEM related dapps/ communities within steem

Most of them moved to HIVE. DTUBE is on both blockchains. Esteem is now on HIVE.

thanks man so i can access DTube & Esteem with Hive and the other communities as well with HIVE?

Now Steem has its own "The DAO case" like ETC/ETH.

Good to document what happened, each will move according to where they are happy to settle. Really a pity this did transpire, it does however reflect what people are looking for.

Great talk! It was really interesting to watch the interview and to see different point of views.

Nice job boyz :)

Thanks @brianoflondon for your efforts.It is much appreciated !

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