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RE: Intervention and personal investment on Hive! HIVE-VLOG #003

Stupid Life Shit Getting In The Way Of What We Really Want To Do...

It's something very simple you said in your Vlog, but it IS really the epitome of what life is about in my opinion. I spend most of my days trying to muddle through life shit, to get to my ideal life. For me it is very weighted to the stupid side. I have a hard time finding and maintaining the proper balance.

The pudding song sounds interesting.. I'll have to check that out.

I also heard you state that you consider yourself a "Pillar" of the blockchain in some form or another. SO VERY TRUE! and you SHOULD be proud of that accomplishment. I also thank you for sticking it out and being that pillar.. without the pillars I wouldn't have a place to come to hang out and spew my babble. Thank You!

My mom gave me her old Sears SLR to play with and my buddy set up a dark room to develop our bad photos in. I still have all my dark room equipment, I hate to let it go just yet. I still have that old Sears camera and some film I can load into a cartridge.. Your story of giving your old Nikon to your buddy is sort of sparking my interest in doing that again. hmmmmmmmmm... haha. I just may do that.

I enjoyed your post, as always. Have an Awesome Saturday! I'll see you around the Hive!!!