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RE: State of Hive - Let's Talk About It

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I do like how you mentioned the community aspect of Hive, and that we do need more content producers on hive. Unlike over on steem, communities just became a dumping ground to try and get a vote. Here the Community leaders/admins/mods are actually working on keeping their communities clean and on target.

We still have the big box curation stores, and they will always be needed, as time passes and accounts grow people are beginning to post in and support some of the smaller more boutique type communities.


More content producers? I think that we need more content consumers. There are too many content producers, but almost no content consumers. Just look around. There are many posts without any comment. Nowadays the real human comments are rare both on the Steem blockchain and on the Hive blockchain. Many people put a lot of time and effort into writing their posts, but they often do not get any comments. What good is a post, if no one really cares about it?

We do need more people like myself that will go out and find and comment on post. I have a small group of people that I comment on regularly, of content producers who's work I personally value and like.

It does take time for people to build a following, to build a post that people can not only vote on but also comment on. A picture all by itself to me is not really comment-able content. A stream of someone playing a game is not really comment-able content to me. Like the ubiquitous quality content, comment deserving content is going to vary.

With the advent of real Community sites, where the owners, admins, and mods are keeping them clean and meaningful, comments on content will increase. The developers working in the Hive Block Chain are doing pretty good at offering tools and various views to make it easier to find content that people want to find.

What good is a post, if no one really cares about it?

Prior to communities all post were run by tags, the big curation tags got by far the most post, making it very difficult for individual POST to stand out and be seen. With communities, people have a chance to bring their post to the people that might enjoy it and see it.

It's up to creators to bring the consumers, not the other way around. Attention is a highly competitive market. The creators that successfully use the "Hive" straw to drink from the Web 2 milkshake, are the ones that will find themselves prepared when the inevitable switch to Web 3 happens.