EXODE Evacuation Alpha Testing

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Checking for bugs and testing the beginning scene of the Hive Blockchain game @exodegame,

SO, I have never done a screen record before so please unless you want to hear my mouse clicking, me breathing, and birds singing turn off your sound. Which is really sad because the sound fx and music are great! If you would like to check out a better version with sound check out the video here from the developer @elindos.

The game was pretty responsive a few bugs with orders for the crew, menu from the order screen, and a problem when you call a crew member back to duty the timer resets. All in all a very impressive experience. I am looking forward to the official launch in a week or so.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

If you are interested in playing please use my referral link here or simply enter my code: a40b00d before checkout.

We will each receive 2 booster backs and you will be placed by me in the game, which is good because with my massive collection it will be good to be near me!

As an additional bonus I will personally send you a booster pack as well as a thank you!

Check it out!


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Hopefully the bugs will be removed by the launch date!

I am sure they will with other additional features added as well. Crew members being killed, etc. plus playing with you’re own cards will be awesome! Thanks for checking it out.

Wow nice video , soon I have to see how threespeak work. And keep up the good work.

Haha thanks! Just trying to figure it out! Will be improving the next one!

Marvelous and spectacular progression, kudos Exode!