Acceleration (Phase II) -Original Synth Music by Jonathan Caleb Williams @badseedalchemist

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Hi, STEEM community. I have decided to post pieces of this original music as I create it. This is phase two of creating this synth type song. It is one of my very first creations using the free application on Windows, called LMMS. The program is similar to Fruity Loops, but it's free and you can get it on GitHub.

Here, is what the LMMS interface looks like, from scratch:

I figure, that I might as well take those of you who are interested on a journey as this music takes form. There are no outside instruments, it is completely created with my HP Windows laptop and my own musically mad brain. I worked on it a little yesterday, and now made some changes and additions this afternoon.

The synth only had about three or four instruments on it's track yesterday. It still only has five instruments, today, but I have created fourteen completely different sounds from those five instruments! I did this by playing with their sound waves and various effects.

It takes a while to do this, but here is what the project looks like in the program:
20200126 1.png
Hope that you enjoy the sound, of Acceleration (Phase II) -by Jonathan Caleb Williams @badseedalchemist


Looks like a weird video game to me...A good thing you know what you're doing. When I create music I use this thing called an instrument, a piano mainly. You may have seen one in a museum sometime.

I have played piano since I was 5! That's awesome... I used to play all kinds of classical and stuff. I still have a Yamaha Clavinova at my dad's, although I always wanted to have a baby grande some day. This shit is pretty hard, actually... but it's cool. You actually shape sound waves to create different sounds, to use in the music that you are making on a timeline... it's pretty complex. There are like a million tools. I bet your wife loves when you play.

I never played for her for a lot of years to be honest. My parents used to roll me out like a trained monkey as a kid, to play for their friends or whoever, and I guess I sort of rebelled against that and decided not to play for a long time, not in front of anyone anyway. Faith included. She likes it when I play though.

Keep up the tunes mate. It's good to have hobbies and stuff to keep the mind active and music is always a good way to do so. :)

You are probably going to just think that I am copying you at this point, but I really do relate. I've hardly played in the last 15 years, for various reasons, but some of them are similar to yours.. not so much because of exhibitionism, but because it was not my choice and I was required to practice, each day.. whether I liked it or not. Audra has really never heard me play either. I realize now, that it is a beautiful gift and though it has mostly translated over to guitar and vocals, I will one day play that ivory again

I think many are the same way. I was almost 5 when I was put on that piano stool and played for years. I was made to compete too, which I hated. For a long time I refused to play, I mean as a late-teenager, and it was only years later when I picked it up again. Faith got me a piano for my 40th, a second hand one, and I play a little now. It is a gift though, I agree. Still, you're making music nonetheless so it doesn't mater how it manifests, just that it does.

Thanks for the encouragement, cobber.

That's ok mate. I think everyone deserves a little encouragement, and also should take some time to encourage others. :)

Roger that.

Good post shared my friend

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Thank you very much


Thank you, very much!


I'm glad you enjoyed! Thanks! 💪 👌 💣

Such amazing creativity..☺☺❤👍❤
So much fun to listen to.

Ty baby you are so supportive:)