How To Apply Under Eye Concealer Over a Base

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Applying concealer under the eye can brighten the eye area, cover up any discolorations, and make you look more alert.

This technique can be used on bare skin or on top of your base.

Choose the right concealer formula for the area under your eyes:

  • Liquid Matte/Dry Concealer
  • Liquid Dewy/Hydrating Concealer
  • Cream Concealer

Apply a few dots to the inner portion of your under-eye area.
Press the concealer into the skin with your finger and blend it along the nose and towards the outer corner for an even finish.

The right shade and finish will give you an amazing result, without using a lot of product!

Set the concealer with a bit of face powder – too much powder can dry out the under-eye area, so be light-handed while doing so.

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