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RE: Teletuesday on a Wednesday

in Guitar3 months ago

I always expect something creative from you. I take it you are capturing the audio separately from the video. How do you sync them up?



I captured the direct signal from the guitar via my zoom h6 that's directly connected to the guitar. Plus I played to a metronome so the first note is easy to line up to the correct timing in my daw. Then I slice up the direct signal wav file in cakewalk and apply different effects to each slice. I then add in the drum midi after that. The camera audio is there just to line up the video with the finished mix. I mute the camera/video audio when I export the video in after effects leaving only the finished audio mix with the video playing.

Well it seems to work pretty well. I need to find something better for my videos that works on Linux. I get sync issues, but they are just fun things. I have decent audio software (Ardour) for multi-tracking. Got a little project to do with a friend soon.


Sometimes when the audio is bad on the camera I just have to visually line it up via timecodes.

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