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RE: Teletuesday on a Wednesday

in Guitar3 months ago

Nice tele and nice quick and grunty. BTW How do you change effects mid song? I've done this in some of my posts by doubling the tracks in Reaper, changing the bias-fx setup on each track, then cutting out bits and pieces that aren't using that effect.... If that makes sense... It works but is strange playing that way. If there is a distorted part then clean you have to play it either all clean or all distorted.


I just slice up the clean direct signal wav in cakewalk and put each slice on a separate track with a different effect on it. You kind of have to use your imagination while playing since its just the acoustic sound on the electric while you record. Fortunately you can dial in pretty good sounds with bias vs craning your back tweaking knobs on an effects pedal for hours trying to get a good clean/distorted combo.