New guitar day! My first 7 string guitar, the Schecter Omen Elite-7! (Aka: I am now a Djentleman)

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What's up, doods? It's me, the moldy corpse formally known as Deadspace. Here again to rot on my keyboard while I talk about my most recent pick up, the Schecter Omen Elite-7! I've been wanting to get my hands on a 7 string guitar for a long time, and I finally had enough extra money squirreled away to pick up a low mid range model (Would have loved to have gotten myself something super nice, but, I didn't jerk off over Dogecoin like everyone else has been). Now, I've only gotten back into guitars not too long ago. I think maybe it's been about 14 months since I started playing again after a 7 or 8 year hiatus. So, I've not really tried a shit ton of guitars that have been made in recent years. However, I am a keyboard warrior who is obsessed with researching, so I was pretty confident in the choice I ended up making.

I ordered the guitar on Saturday, and it got here today. So, that's not too bad of a turnaround time, though the site I ordered it from did give me fucking problems, but I won't go into that too much since it all worked out. Upon opening the box, the guitar looked even better in person than it did in the photos. This is a $549 guitar pretty much everywhere (Though, I got it for $499 thanks to a pain in the ass deal the site was running when I decided to order it.), but, it looks like it would be a $750-850 guitar. I went with the see thru blue burst finish, as I could feel my nipples bursting through my shirt over this finish versus the other options. Which were charcoal and see thru red, which honestly aren't bad options either.

The specs on this guitar are pretty good for the price. Made in Indonesia, uses Rosewood for the fretboard, maple for the neck, burl for the front body and mahogany for the back body. The headstock tuners are Schecter branded, and the neck nut is a Graph Tech XL Black Tusq. The bolt on neck has a scale of 26.5", and features 24 jumbo frets that have pearloid inlays which look pretty damn nice. Has a 5 way selector switch with see thru volume and tone knobs, and a pair of Schecter Diamond Heretic pickups in a purpleish tone which goes just swimmingly with the blue finish. It also came with Ernie Ball strings, which was a plus, since that's the brand I'd go with anyways for a 7 string.

So, what are my initial impressions with this beast? For the $499 I paid, and even the normal price of $549, it's probably impossible to beat for the quality and sound at those pricepoints. I've only been playing on it for a few hours now, but, man, this shit slaps hard. This thing is really smooth and easy to jam on for rhythm or lead playing. The neck is a fair amount thicker and slightly wider than what I'm used to, but, it hasn't been too hard to adjust to in that regard. I will say, my hands feel like I'm playing on the bloated corpse of an alien in the way that I keep getting a bit lost on hand placement since I'm not used to the extra string. I'm assuming over the next few weeks that will happen less and I'll get more used to it.

I'll definitely be recording and uploading some testing of the guitar, especially because there's barely any fucking demo's online for this guitar for some god damn reason. So, keep an eye out for that if you're at all interested for some reason in the next couple of days, babybois :) I would do it sooner, but, I have to see an ENT tomorrow for sinus problems, a tilt table test thursday to see if I have POTS and then my vaccine Friday which will make me feel like trash yet again, I'm sure.

So, until next time, doods.



You going to do a video of you carving it up on this axe?

Probably not a normal video, but, a direct recording from my amp to my PC, yes. I don't have an actual camera for recording, nor do I have a tripod for my phone if I wanted to use that. Plus, having to edit video footage on top of editing the guitar audio sounds like a big old pain in the scrotum.

Lol...Work it out pussyboi, could be a good post!

Nice guitar by the way. ✅

That looks sweet! I've not tried a 7 string as I find 6 enough of a handful. Look forward to hearing what you can do with it.

Rock on!


It definitely is sweet! Yeah, I had to have a think on it for a good while before I decided to grab it. I've certainly not mastered the 6 string, but, I figured it would be fun and gets me more of a modern tone with the genres of music I jam to. It for sure is going to have a bit of an adjustment period for me. But, I'm already starting to get used to it a bit after a few hours, thankfully.

Also, thank you for the Pizza. I can't wait until someone makes the ChickenTendies coin on the hiveengine :)

My latest effort needed some down-tuning, but works on a 6-string. I'm more of a classic rock guy, so there's not too much need for those low notes.

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Yeah, I'm in the opposite camp. Probably 5-10 percent of the stuff I listen to is in E-standard or Drop D, and then the rest requires down tuning to Drop C or lower, haha.

Most of what I'm learning on this 7 string right now is in Drop A, which would have felt like playing wet spaghetti noodles on my 6 string since it's not set up for that.

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