Daily hit-parade for newcomers - 2019.12.08

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Welcome to the hit-parade for newcomers!!

People feel happy when their post appears in the global daily chart. Moreover, they can get a nice award on SteemitBoard when they occupy the top position.

I guess you also noticed that these enviable positions are often occupied by well known bloggers who have already earned a good reputation. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed and appear at the top.

This can lead to significant frustration for newcomers who write quality posts but feel drowned in the Steem blockchain ocean.

This is where the Hit-Parade for Newcomers comes to help.

To get a ranking in this hit, you need of course to get a fair amount of votes, comments, or payment. But this hit-parade will be restricted to:
- users who NEVER appeared in ANY of my previous daily Global Hit.
- users who have a reputation lower than 50.

I think you now understand that only newcomers will be able to pop-up here. This way, we can put the spotlight on new authors and help them to raise their reputation.

Good luck to all!

Top 10 posts by number of comments

28 @blarchivecompress data encoded
22 @deadlygamesAPPICS IS everywhere even during my warmup before the shows , do you like APPICS ...
14 @deadlygamesHi everyone ! On this post I want to talk to you about my passion , growing up in ...
12 @lvictorfaulknerLove that is True Is Perfect
12 @heskayknowsIntroducing Myself
9 @foodiesuniteAnnouncing FoodiesUnite.net, launched on Steem-Engine today!
9 @spinvest-neoWhen sending DELI, DO NOT USE THE "@" SYMBOL IN THE SCREEN NAME!!! 😳😲😱🙀😱
8 @tunabank바레인. Block 257. Bahrain. Wonderful view from top.
8 @thealliancebank🏧Lookin' at the 'Books'💸
8 @steemvoting통지 @votingpower

Top 10 posts by pending payout

8.8 @lechkalartEl Oni y Los Espíritus // The oni and the Spirits
5.016 @barkuudaKetika Haknya Tanggung Jawab Menjadi Tempat Mengumpulkan Harta
4.874 @verasanimarcoZeltstrasse 1A. We go fishing. The balance to the stress. 📍Schweiz 2019
4.837 @grovedFirst day on the mountain this season, looking forward for the many to come
4.831 @ketharinHi appics. Me ketharin
4.775 @matheodigitalamazing beach next to sagres 🇵🇹 and more or less no people around! perfect to chill ...
4.732 @sophiamooreMoore Jewelry Designs
4.681 @ravelbPost party with super mario pajamas Post festa con pigiama di super mario
3.694 @mir-aahumanoid
3.69 @foodiesuniteAnnouncing FoodiesUnite.net, launched on Steem-Engine today!

Тоp 10 posts by number of upvotes

285 @mir-aahumanoid
194 @impshumMany sauces
186 @accountsdumpHotstar Accounts
178 @kryptoking1First woman to hold federal office- Congresswoman Jeanette Rankin, elected in 1916
144 @foodiesuniteAnnouncing FoodiesUnite.net, launched on Steem-Engine today!
140 @reexpelsMy Actifit Report Card: December 7 2019
137 @evangelizationMy Actifit Report Card: December 7 2019
136 @bombastsMy Actifit Report Card: December 7 2019
125 @tadour007So Much Cuteness...So Much Energy. Say Hi To My First Fruit "Louis".
122 @thealliancebank🏧Lookin' at the 'Books'💸

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some formatting is broken in here.
at least 2 parts. may be related to post from appics.
I have my own script having problems extracting my one appics post details too.

This is because they allow CR/LF to be inserted in the title 😡
I will update my script. Thanks for notifying @ace108, as I missed it

You'll welcome. Any tip to take care of that?

You can use REPLACE(title, CHAR(10),' ') in your queries.

Ah... thanks. I think some of the appics or actifit may be a problem.

OK, it fix the actifit but I still have other issue with appics to investigate.

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