Daily hit-parade for newcomers - 2019.11.29


Welcome to the hit-parade for newcomers!!

People feel happy when their post appears in the global daily chart. Moreover, they can get a nice award on SteemitBoard when they occupy the top position.

I guess you also noticed that these enviable positions are often occupied by well known bloggers who have already earned a good reputation. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed and appear at the top.

This can lead to significant frustration for newcomers who write quality posts but feel drowned in the Steem blockchain ocean.

This is where the Hit-Parade for Newcomers comes to help.

To get a ranking in this hit, you need of course to get a fair amount of votes, comments, or payment. But this hit-parade will be restricted to:
- users who NEVER appeared in ANY of my previous daily Global Hit.
- users who have a reputation lower than 50.

I think you now understand that only newcomers will be able to pop-up here. This way, we can put the spotlight on new authors and help them to raise their reputation.

Good luck to all!

Top 10 posts by number of comments

27 @rodani892 years! 2 years of pure love! 2 years of learning! 2 years full of care! 2 years ...
25 @sofimax### Yo la Antropo-Loca
19 @arsenal4lifeWe are Arsenal For Life
14 @levi-miron Fußball Liga 1: Levis Punktejagd! (14.Spieltag)
11 @travelmikeItaly...a small lake near Lake Garda
11 @katerina.schahinthis little beauty turns 2 today 😊 time flies.. to be her mother is the best thing ...
10 @tatiana21Love 😍 😍 💕
10 @vasnavasStablecoin på Monero - Crypcore
10 @bhuriyababaHello to all of you, I have Sonia Kundu, my first post on appics, I can say on my ...
9 @cruisinPlugged in and the toxins are flowing

Top 10 posts by pending payout

10.199 @titan-cNerd Humor: English - The torture of the conqueror
5.028 @aiconspiraciesMatch.com is a Front for Scammers Using AI and Harvested Social Media Data
5.015 @lqfI once saw a time traveler
4.771 @mariegrimm[CARTAGENA 🇨🇴
favorite place 🙌🏼](/appics/@mariegrimm/appics-v1-appics-im-51292)
4.617 @sofimax### Yo la Antropo-Loca
4.465 @hwc79가느다란 줄기에 이파리들은 다 떨어지고 없다. 고운 빗깔의 자그마한 열매만 간신히 붙어있다.
3.547 @sergiogonzaleziI am Sergio The Mountain's lover here is my introduction to steemit
3.508 @luthienfainberg#introduceyourself - Reasons to get Vegan ♥
3.058 @rihan007Seafood Restaurant
3.028 @aderiteMY DAILY PEN SKETCH ; JOKER ( 나의 매일 펜 스케치; 조커)

Тоp 10 posts by number of upvotes

635 @titan-cNerd Humor: English - The torture of the conqueror
396 @sofimax### Yo la Antropo-Loca
331 @jmercado25Ángel Colorido
198 @saveyourboyterryDear @slobberchops, Please Join In In Saving 'Surpassinggoogle'. Kindly Support My Kickstarter.
193 @sportableMy Actifit Report Card: November 18 2019
193 @griega🌇⛵Yaght in the sea at night with Africa in the background! 😍 : November 28th 2019
165 @procoercion< Steem Monster >每日任务奖励 [19-11-29]
165 @vraisemblance< Steem Monster >卡片奖励 <191129>
163 @hibrowhere social media meets cryptocurrency
161 @blackflame23Architect of War

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Hope that someone gets Vegan by reading my blog ♥♥


Thanks for including me in the Top 10 most voted list, @arcange! A well deserved witness vote gone your way! ;)