An Egyptian temple in the Netherlands

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This small temple is originally from Taffeh in Nubia. It is actually a temple commissioned by the roman emperor Augustus after he defeated Cleopatra VII in 31 BC. Currently it is located in the Museum of Antiquity in the Dutch city of Leiden. So why is it there? Contrary to for example the British Empire the pre-industrialised Dutch were not really interested in anything that didn't have monetary value. This was only moved to the Netherlands around the sixties of the previous century. It was given as a thank you for the Dutch help during a Unesco mission to secure artifacts which would have been flooded as the result of a new dam. It was a dam fine campaign :o)

Source: Museum of Antiquity, Leiden and unesco (

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I see what you did there and had a hoot. 🦉

Puns are contagious I hear. Especially on Reddit comment threads. We should make that a thing round here.

I love puns. I am a pun-sexual owl

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It was a dam fine campaign

You are dam right

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