In the Search of a Lost Civilization #7. Gobekli Tepe Seems Out of Place in The Mainstream Timeline

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Before the ruins of Gobekli Tepe were discovered and dated the mainstream timeline stated that civilization sprung almost simultaneously in the Middle East and Egypt about 5000 years BP. Human civilization was emerging from the Neolithic period and we were becoming more settled as opposed to nomads. Agriculture was just being invented so there was no more need for hunting and gathering.

When Gobekli Tepe was dated, it showed it was 12000 years old. The size of the complex, the sophistication of the designs and positioning of massive stones showed that it was no easy feat. So, we ask the question: Who built it? Humans were in the Stone Age at that time. Is there a civilization that we do not know about? What happened to it? Are there other ruins from it? As it can be seen, this discovery leaves more questions than answers



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