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RE: [Discussion Post]: Is the Tasmanian Tiger Truly Extinct?

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Not looking for the upvote, but can't resist the post. A few years back I went through a book writing phase. Many of these were geared toward middle and high school students. Honestly, though, I think they just gave me an opportunity to research and write.
Tasmania was one of the subjects I touched on lightly. I remember writing about Truganini, who was believed to be the last indigenous Tasmanian (not of mixed heritage). For, as was true of the Tasmanian Tiger, the indigenous people of Tasmania were driven into extinction.
As for the Tiger, it is believed this animal was often blamed for the actions of the dingo.
I remember your father's post. I meant to comment, but have been a bit distracted by Steem disruption and COV19 anxiety. Trying to ignore that bug, but there it is, like background noise :)