2,020km Challenge for Alzheimer’s Society – Challenge Complete!

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Get In There!

Wowww! I never thought I'd get to this point at the beginning of the year - 2,020 km is a VERY long distance but on Boxing Day (26th December 2020), I did an 8.3 mile / 13.2 km hike with a good friend, Laura, who captured the moment this happened:

Thanks to Laura for capturing the glorious moment!

This challenge has pretty much haunted me throughout 2020 even with the Coronavirus situation but we won't talk about that, positive stuff only here! So with 5 days to spare, I made it to 2,020 km through a combination of running and hiking and these were not activities from just walking around the house and in the office (at the beginning of the year anyway) but actually separately tracked! Yes, officially a nutter!

Although this started the year as a silly personal challenge, it quickly became something bigger, culminating in setting up a Just Giving page to raise money for Alzheimer's Society. At time of writing, the amount raised is over £350 which is an incredible amount so thank you to everyone who spared a few pennies for the cause.

I know it's been a right stinker of a year but hopefully this is a good news story that can shine some positive light all round - even Strava gave me a thumbs up on the route! I zoomed out on the map it tracked on my final hike and the bit on the right looks a little like a thumbs up!

Image may contain: outdoor
2,020 km challenge gets the thumb's up from Strava!

Now I'm just going to put my feet up, gorge on leftover Christmas food and take it easy for a few days! I certainly won't be doing anything as massive as this challenge in 2021... but ask me on 1st January and we'll see where we're at haha!

I'll leave you with the stats from the whole year so you can see the breakdown of activities with a bit of information about what it shows along with some of my favourite pictures I took along the way - what a year!

Catch you soon and let's hope for a much better 2021!


2,020 km Challenge

  • Total distance: 2,020 km / 1,255 miles in 2020
  • Hiking: “cross-country” or “cross-terrain” walking
  • Running: putting one leg in front of the other quickly
  • Daily required distance: 5.52 km / 3.45 miles per day

Distance Covered Each Month

This table compares the distance I covered each month with where I should have been, with the difference between them in the end column. A minus means I was behind, a plus means I was ahead:

MonthAccumulative Distance
Completed, km (%)
Should Be At,
km (%)
Difference km
January145.00 km
171.09 km
-26.08 km
February312.46 km
331.14 km
-18.68 km
March495.32 km
502.23 km
-6.90 km
April672.26 km
667.80 km
+4.46 km
May877.14 km
838.89 km
+38.25 km
June1,054.37 km
1,004.46 km
+49.91 km
July1,226.64 km
1,175.55 km
+51.09 km
August1,433.41 km
1,346.64 km
+86.77 km
September1,627.87 km
1,512.21 km
+115.67 km
October1,795.58 km
1,683.30 km
+112.29 km
November1,928.67 km
1,848.87 km
+79.81 km
December2,020 km
2,020 km

Daily Required vs Daily Actual Average Distances

The graph below compares the daily required average distance (the red line) and the daily actual average distance I covered (blue line). The daily aim was to always to do more than the distance dictated by the red line.

Hike vs Run Activity Count

The table below shows the number of runs and hikes each month, along with their proportions (percentages) of the total number of activities. This shows how I split the 2,020 km challenge up between running and hiking throughout the year.

MonthRuns (%)Hikes (%)Active DaysTotal Days

Distance Contributed Per Activity

The table below shows the distance contributed from running and hiking each month along with the proportions (percentages) throughout the year.

MonthDistance by Running (%)Distance by Hiking (%)Total Distance
January90.99 km
54.02 km
145.01 km
February89.82 km
77.63 km
167.46 km
March99.41 km
83.46 km
182.86 km
April71.7 km
105.23 km
176.93 km
May74.45 km
130.43 km
204.88 km
June63.9 km
113.33 km
177.23 km
July64.16 km
108.11 km
172.27 km
August23.34 km
183.42 km
206.77 km
September19.15 km
175.31 km
194.46 km
October79.36 km
88.35.19 km
167.71 km
November59.26 km
73.82 km
133.09 km
December22.91 km
73.36 km
96.97 km
Total758.46 km
1,266.88 km 
2,025.34 km


Here are some of my favourite snaps from the year:

The beginning of the challenge in Winter was pretty bleak...

Soon though, the bluebells came out and a glorious Spring was here...

My favourite spot on one of the best days in Summer

There was time to visit Cornwall in late September before the 2nd lockdown

The leaves changed their colours and lined the path in orange in November...

...before they all went as we entered winter again.

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Well done @nickyhavey all for an exceptionally good cause!

Thanks so much Joan! I've really appreciated your support throughout this year with it all! Time to put the feet up 😃

I just saw your tip/donation of 5 HBD as well Joan, I've added it to the Just Giving page now by calculating below:

1 HBD = $0.936

5 HBD = $4.68 USD

$4.68 = £3.50 at conversion rate of 1.33845 from xe.com

So I topped up to £4 for you 🙂


Thank you so much for your sponsorship and support!

Very chuffed you accomplished what you set out to do within the time limit allocated.

Nice video of elation at the end, actually found it on Twitter 😅

Hope 2021 treats us all a little better, take care Nicky and be safe.

Haha, yeah my friend was with me on the final hike and she decided to film it which was great - just had to share it!

Here's to a better 2021 hey 🍻

Video captured the elation and essence of getting to that finishing line.

Yup Bottoms Up to a better 2021 🍻

This is amazing! Congratulations!

Thanks a lot Eric! Really pleased the challenge is over, it's been a long year for many reasons but hope this spread some joy at least in the dark times!

Congrats Nicky! 🎉🎉🎉

You did it!!!! I hope you're going to treat yourself to more than a leftover turkey toastie to celebrate. You need a lot more than that.

2020 has been a stinking year but the photos you took reminds us it wasn't all that bad, there were pockets of beauty that got overshadowed by the crap. Let's hope 2021 is going to be better, one can only hope.

Thanks so much Pauline! Appreciate all the support you gave me this year and with the Adopt a Tree fundraiser, that helped to propel the amount raised too! I'll be treating myself to absolutely everything food wise and put on a some pounds no doubt!

Not going to sign myself up for any other challenges like that ever again lol!

Fingers crossed for a brighter 2021 for everyone hey 🙂

Proud of you Doctor Nicky,

So many just talk , but you are an example of what can be done to help good causes.
Enjoy your rest my friend!

Blessings for the New Year!

Thank you so much Mr Papillon! I know you put in a lot of work too so I'm grateful for your words of encouragement throughout the year. It's time for these legs to have a big rest that's for sure!

All the best for 2021 man 🙂

Enjoy my friend and once again, well done!

Yeah, well done Nicky, you should be very proud of yourself. Love all those shots you shared as well xxxx

Thank you so much Aishlinn for all your support too! I'm relieved, still feeling a bit exhausted, it's been a long year in many ways but it's a big weight off my mind (and my legs LOL)!

Hope you're ok too and had a great Christmas 💙

Such an awesome achievement and such a great cause.
That's an amazing commitment. 🙏

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Thanks a lot Jean! At times, I was doubting I'd be able to make it through but dug deep and found a way to make it happen - now it's time for some hibernation haha!

Well deserved hibernation!
Take care!