HF21 : "Let's cross the bridge when we get there..."

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Hardfork 21 will be happening in a few hours.. I've seen a lot of people posting about it , may it be too technical , thoughts about it and even a simple hello new steem and goodbye old steem.

To be honest , when it comes to a very deep understanding about HF21 , i can't tell it to all of you in a very detailed way , but what my brain cells understood on all the posts i've read is that , it's like an upgrade .. more like a software update.

I see steemians who are worried about it , but can also see others so excited about it. They all have their own views and opinions as to what this hard fork 21 will bring to steemit , but one thing is definite , change is really coming.

As for myself , i don't really wanna put on too much drama on this post or should i say ,i won't stress myself very much as to what the effect will be , but of course i feel those who are worried about it , still ,i don't want to over react , or have an early judgement about it. primarily because as i said earlier , i just think of it as an update and as they say , what you don't know won't hurt you , LOL. Probably i'll use these words : "We'll cross the bridge when we get there"

So there , let's just try to maybe take it or think about it in a positive way , that HF21 is bound to happen for the benefit of everyone , some may think whales will be bigger , and redfishes/minnows will get smaller . I am a minnow myself , that might be true on some aspects of the upgrade, but one thing's for sure, if we continue to share .. to care .. to engage and to be consistent.. steemit will always be the steemit we've all known since the beginning. A place where people from all over the world united as one by heart


Well said! I hope we can survive and we will grow. No surrender my dear and keep on positively.

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It's live now.

Thanks you so much information hf21, my friend

I like your positive outlook. We may as well take it in stride, try to work with it, and hope for the best, right?

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