Oh, The Joy of Free Downvotes!

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Two and a half free 100% downvotes per day, or five at 50%, or however you want to use them are in general good for the Steem blockchain. But, yeah, there can be consequences.

Today I used one at 100% and three at 50%. Here’s one of those:


Yeah, there were consequences:


Which wiped out potential rewards from a couple of my posts:


Of course they aren’t actually your rewards until they’ve entered your wallet. Stake-weighted upvotes and downvotes are in play over a seven-day period.

Hard Fork 21 introduces “free” upvotes that do no damage to your Voting Power. But as the saying goes, There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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There is a foolproof way for Dolphins and Orcas to completely mitigate the threat of retaliatory downvotes from shitposting whales.

There are two alternatives:


  • Move some of your stake to an anonymous voting account. You have to do this off chain so as to make tracing the account back to you impossible. Easily done using any exchange including Blocktrades.

  • When the move is done, compile a very long list of deserving authors and put them on optimally timed autovote. Enjoy your curation rewards that are now 80% larger than before thanks to the 50/50 split. Curation rewards cannot be taken away from you except by downvoting everything you curate to zero. That ain't gonna happen because every other upvote in addition to yours would have to be negated as well.

  • If 1000 Dolphins do this to one abusive whale, their shit posting and abusive days will be over for good.


  • Create an anonymous voting account not traceable to you.

  • Buy some more (cheap at the moment) STEEM and buy a Steem Power delegation. Use the upvoting power to auto-curate deserving authors with optimally timed upvotes and the free downvoting power to snipe at the abusive whale.

  • Again, if 1000 Dolphins do this, the abusive whale might as well clean up their act or leave the platform for good.

The problem is that only the bad guys have been using their downvoting power so far. It's time to change that.

Interesting thoughts! Always a way to adapt to changes! Realy like this idea!

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I saw the results but wasn’t sure of the impetus! I wish my votes could counteract those flags alone, but I just hope they help a bit at least and you get some broader support if this retaliation lasts.

Meh, I’ve got my big boy pants on. I understood that flagging someone with way more SP than me could be dangerous.

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