The language of ivrit ( עברית ) Genesis 21, Video #1

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Welcome to my Hebrew reading & language series.

Genesis 21:1-4

Isaac born source

New chapter day!

We started a new chapter with the birth of Isaac.

We are reading about the Creator having visited Sarah at the appointed time (as promised) and she conceived. She bore him a son and Abraham named him Isaac. Of course, Abraham circumcised him on the eighth day as commanded.

The story continues next week as Sarah talks about her laughter...

Thank you for visiting! Read with me as we unfold the birth of Isaac. The Hebrew film is back up now.

Today's reading


Here is the video link.

Click here to read with me!

Please have a look and read with me in Hebrew.

Info on each letter starting at the beginning

If you are just starting, my lessons are all here starting at Alef, adding vowels (the dots and lines) as we go. I explain the meaning of each letter and its numerical value. Just go to my blog and scroll to the bottom or click here

Get your Hebrew Bible now!

Click here to obtain the book we are using. It is a free download or browser usable.

Thanks for watching.

Shabbat Shalom


A valuable lesson with a video materials as usual per weekly.

Shabbat Shalom~

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